A Day in the Life of a Barista

          I'm flying my X-Wing across the surface of the Death Star. I need to cover my friends as they make their bombing runs as we try and destroy this battle station. All of a sudden I hear the Imperial March playing loudly in my headset and I roll over and turn off my morning alarm. I kick off the covers and put my feet on the floor. Time to put on my Coffee Rules t-shirt, head out into the dark pre-dawn hours of a blustery March morning and head down Ocean Ave, towards Booskerdoo, to get everyone's day started off right, with their favorite coffee.


          After placing the "Coffee Is This Way" sign on the sidewalk, my feet crunch across the parking lot back towards the shop to start brewing some delicious coffee. I make sure cups, milk, sugar, and lids are all stocked up to keep the Black & Tan, Jersey DINER-style, Costa Rica, and more flowing regularly. It's now 6am and I walk to the door of the shop and flip the deadbolt open. The satisfying click lets me know that we are now open for business.


          As the first customers of the day trickle in, most people are wearing that expression that says, “Instant human, just add coffee.” Every one of them gets my best smile and a hearty “Good Morning!” with their cup of “get the day moving.” As the sun comes up, more people start to flow through our doors. The regulars who I know (at least by their order, if not by name) are all conversing and talking about what is happening in town today.


          As the sun gets higher in the sky, I get to make more and more espresso drinks. I love making espresso and serving people a cool piece of art in their cup. Sometimes I draw with chocolate syrup, or just pour the milk into the cup with a little twist to give it a nice white foam flower or Rosetta. Latte art is something only a Barista with a few hundred hours of practice can deliver in every cup. And the best part about latte art is that it is made just for you. It's your own personal and delicious piece of art.


          Then, before I know it, it's 3pm and time to close up shop until tomorrow. Time to clean and polish every surface. Time again to bring the sign in from the street. Time now to go home, make my own cup of afternoon Joe, curl up with a good book and wait until it is time for bed when I will battle the Empire's forces again, and wait to hear the Imperial March, the signal that tells me it is time to get everyone's day started off right, with their favorite coffee.


          That ladies and gentlemen is a day in the life of a Barista. Now go and enjoy the day, and your dreams tonight.


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