Booskerdoo Coffee & Baking Co. started and continues to be a business that offers really really delicious things from really really nice people. That was our plan from day one. Here is our story.

The first batch of Booskerdoo Coffee was roasted in an oven in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City. It was a specialty grade Colombia Excelso... nothing fancy about it. I had read that coffee could theoretically be roasted on a pizza pan (one of those pans with the holes in it) in an oven cranked up to 450. I also read it would get smoky. I gave it a shot.

It wasn’t that smoky… not until the very end when our entire apartment flooded with smoke. We opened all the windows and cooled the beans as quickly as the November air would allow. We laughed and coughed hysterically until the smoke cleared. Then we let the coffee rest for 24 hours (the standard time all coffee should rest before consumption).

When brewed the coffee and drank it, it was the best cup of coffee we had ever had. It was fresh… that was the big difference. I obsessed over finding fresh coffee. But even in NYC, it was hard to find. I realized that serving only fresh coffee to retail and wholesale clients was a niche in the specialty food world that needed to be filled. So we said, “Screw it, let’s start a coffee roasting business… I mean, what the hell?!”

Booskerdoo was officially born. In 2011 we moved to the beach and opened a coffee shop with a roaster on the retail floor in the Jersey Shore town of Monmouth Beach. We always roasted to order, making sure that all coffee in the shop was never more than 7 days old (it is usually only a few days away from its roast). The residents of Monmouth Beach and those of their surrounding communities took to Booskerdoo Coffee quickly and we went from there. We started our wholesale program and worked to put Booskerdoo Coffee into as many hands as possible.

In December of 2012 Amelia started working on the bakery. Her culinary education and obsession to detail guided her to create bakery items steeped in tradition and new ideas. We opened our second cafe and bakery in Fair Haven in the spring of 2013. The Booskerdoo retail experience truly blossomed with this element added.

Our Fair Haven bakery and Monmouth Beach roasters eventually outgrew itself and we moved our baking and roasting facility to an open plan space with a cafe to Asbury Park in October of 2016. Around the same time, we opened kiosks in Matawan and Holmdel and a shop in Long Branch (click here to get info on all our retail locations). We also increased our list of wonderful wholesale clients (click here to see entire list). 

So that brings us to the present. Come visit our new cafe, bakery and coffee roastery at 1321 Memorial Drive, Asbury Park, NJ. All customers are invited to watch us roast coffee and pop in to say “hi” to all the bakers.

James & Amelia Caverly.

P.S. We’d like to quickly say thank you to all our wonderful employees and customers for making Booskerdoo Coffee & Baking Co. a reality and a success. Your positivity and love for good coffee and good times makes everyone a little bit happier each and every day.