Your Own Personal Coffee Mug

You drink coffee! Nice! You do this for many reasons which may include:

  1. You may be tired for whatever reason
  2. You need to get many things accomplished today
  3. You need motivation
  4. You have a really long day or night ahead of you
  5. You are addicted to caffeine
  6. You’ve been drinking coffee all your life and now you are a connoisseur
  7. You work in a café like Booskerdoo
  8. or You ______________________ (fill in the blank).

For whatever reason you drink coffee, it’s your personal choice to do so and so is the blend you choose to drink and the way you choose to prepare it. Your act of drinking coffee is an experience you choose daily to enjoy or remedy your life moment on any given day. But did you ever think about your outward expression to others about your daily coffee drinking experience?

I’ve heard it said once that, “You know you are really into drinking coffee when your coffee mug has a picture of your coffee mug on it!” Silly yes! I mean…who does that? But seriously…what picture or statement is on YOUR coffee mug that tells others who you are? Do you even use a coffee mug? Or are you one of those people that have a cabinet full of never used coffee mugs given to you on birthdays and special occasions? If yes then the likelihood is you are a daily disposable paper cup coffee consumer who is always on the go, dashing into the coffee store for a minute or two and then dashing out to your next scheduled happening. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not claiming paper cup use and being always on the go is good or bad. After all, what busy, fully scheduled individual has time to sit for 10 minutes and drink their coffee out of a glass cup or ceramic coffee mug? Heck, even the newer more stylish and hip thermos-like travel mugs still give an individual the outward expression of, “Hey Barista, give me a 16oz with room for milk ASAP ‘cause I gotta move.” (By the way, while this IS NOT an advertisement, we found a really great company providing eco-friendly, re-useable, on-the-go plastic coffee travel mugs at Even better, apparently the mugs do not add a plastic taste to the coffee!)

Again I ask, if you have one, what does your personal glass cup or ceramic coffee mug say about who you are? Yes, nowadays you can get a coffee mug imprinted with any picture, saying, or statement from the comical to the deeply spiritual, that tells others about you. But you need to remember, when you drink out of one of these vessels daily or once per week, it may also tell others you like to stop for a minute or two, go slow, and enjoy the moment. Vicariously via your coffee mug you may be saying to others, “Folks, I have nowhere to be in the next few minutes. I’m all about chillin’, smellin’ and tastin’ the brew, Zen, and Peace.” Just think about the possible example you would set for others. You may even become the envy of the local coffee hang out! How amazing would that be?

So perhaps this week, maybe once or twice, forgo the disposable paper coffee cup and take a few minutes to enjoy the moment and beverage in a glass or ceramic coffee cup or mug. Personalized or not…this action may say a lot about you.

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