Why Water Matters

The average day for a Booskerdoo barista is filled with questions.  Questions such as,

  • “What does this coffee taste like?
  • Which one is decaf?
  • Which beans make up this blend?”

One question I hear almost every day is, “How come the coffee tastes better when I get a cup in your shop than when I make a cup at home?”  The answer could involve many single or overlapping things: the grind is incorrect for your preferred brewing method, the beans are no longer fresh, or your coffee proportions are off.  Most of the time though, the answer is in the water.

Coffee is 98% water. The other 2% is the tiny bits of coffee that make it through the filter to create the deliciousness. Thus, the water must be tasty for tasty coffee. Have you ever had a steak that was 98% rotten meat and said, “Hey, that's pretty good”?  I know I haven't. So let’s talk high quality H20.

Filtered and spring water work best, because they posses tasty minerals. Unless your tap water is very bad, filtering water will work.  Distilled water isn’t so great, because it lacks the minerals creating a flat taste.

Water temperature is also vital. Start your brewing process with cold filtered water. The best temperature for excellent coffee extraction is between 195-205 degrees F, which is about 10-20 seconds off of a boil. Many inexpensive automatic drip makers only go to about 185 degrees, which will extract less flavor than is optimal. Automatic drip makers also have a tendency to slowly die. With a year or so of daily use, your automatic drip maker may only get up to 170 degrees. Try a drip cone (click here to see video below on how to drip an unforgettable cup of coffee using a drip cone, pour over method) or French press for a simple remedy.

In short, great tasting filtered water heated to the right temperature will immediately improve your home coffee experience.

And if you have any other questions, email me at mike@booskerdoo.co

Now go and enjoy the day!

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