Barista & Baker Profile: Erin Devlin

We sat down with Erin Devlin last week to discuss her work at Booskerdoo Coffee & Baking Co. and her interests outside of the cafe. Erin has been a barista for 1.75 years, most of that being with Booskerdoo. She recently started baking as well, finding a new love for the truly early morning shift.

Erin Devlin talkin' shop at Booskerdoo Fair Haven
Erin Devlin (above) talkin' shop at Booskerdoo Fair Haven

Why Coffee?

“After graduating from college (where she studied Fine Arts), I worked at another local coffee bar and really got interested in all aspects of coffee. Since coming to Booskerdoo, I got to learn all about espresso, how to make espresso drinks and I really love working on and perfecting those drinks as well as creating latte art.”

Learning to be a Baker, too…

“After working for a while as a barista in Fair Haven” (current site of Booskerdoo’s in-house bakery, which will be moving to a larger, specially-designed open space at the new café in Asbury Park), “I got very interested in the baking side of things. They make such delicious, pretty treats and it’s interesting work.

What’s cool is that they gave me the opportunity to help out and learn more, and now in addition to working at Booskerdoo, I am currently studying at the Culinary Educational Center at Brookdale to get my certification in Pastry Arts.”

Best part of working at Booskerdoo?

“When I open the bakery I have to be there at 4 am. I turn on the ovens and bake the muffins and biscuits. I usually listen to NPR/WNYC and catch up with what’s going on while I work. It’s kind of cool, because the rest of the world is sleeping and you have already started a fresh new day.”

What else besides coffee?

“I love to sew, create, embroider, and make things. I especially like to make things that are functional like clothes and bags, and occasionally sell my work on Etsy and at local craft fairs. I tend to be a perfectionist and definitely care about attention to detail. 

Long-term goals…

Some day I would like to open my own café. I think I will always be a maker and a creator—sewing, embroidery, coffee and culinary art.

Favorite Booskerdoo drink and roast for himself and others?

My favorite drink is a Serious Black, which is a kind of Americano, but with a tighter ration of espresso to water. I enjoy making lattes and have spent a lot of time perfecting my latte art. I teach some latte art training classes at Booskerdoo—which is fun because I like helping. At the moment, my favorite latte art is probably the swan.

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