Darn You Black And Tan! (One Barista Perspective)....

So here I am off on another adventure. I know…nothing out of the ordinary about that for me. I’m on another Amtrak train ride this time heading to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My steward in Business Class is very attentive and all is well with my world. I’ve given him my order to keep my coffee cup filled approximately every hour for the duration of the 10 hour trip. This is really cool on one hand because in Business Class the coffee and beverages are free. Which is not any big deal for the average person, but with the amount of coffee I can consume I believe I may tilt the profit/loss margin toward my favor and Amtrak may not sell me another fare.

Now I must say right out of the gate that the coffee served on Amtrak is not too bad. I know the mere mention of this kind of setting sparks off memories of those automatic vending machines pumping out crude sludge-like liquid into a drop-down paper cup, but it really is palatable…and it’s FREE!

But here’s the other hand - none of this free decent coffee stuffs matters for me because for the rest of my life I will be a Booskerdoo Black and Tan addict! Have you ever tried the stuff? I tell all the customers I serve at the Booskerdoo Fairhaven, NJ store that have never had the Black and Tan experience that they simply should not ever try it unless they want to be ruined and never be able to drink another cup of coffee again without trying to chase down that ecstasy feeling constantly. THE BREW IS SIMPLY THAT GOOD! Seriously folks, I don’t drink Black and Tan because I work at Booskerdoo….I work at Booskerdoo because I drink Black and Tan. The first day I tried the stuff as a “civilian”, I took my first sip, and after my feet hit the ground, the first thing out of my mouth was, “I have to work here!”

So free coffee or not…what’s a guy like me supposed to do when you are addicted to the best brewed coffee on the planet (in my opinion, but insert your own brew craving here) and nothing ever transports you back to that place and time you took that first sip and went into orbit! Darn You Black And Tan!

Here’s the link and description. Click on it, order it, and try it if you dare!


Influenced by the bartender's creation, this version of the Black & Tan is light and dark roasted beans blended together. It’s a mix of Honduras Marcala Fair Trade Organic SHB (the dark) and Colombia Excelso Santa Barbara Estate (the light). Also known as the "Danish Blend" or "Checker Blend," this brew begins with a strong kick of smoke and ends with a creamy, sweet nutty flavor.

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