What Is It About A Coffee Shop?

Whether you get up every morning to the alarm clock’s warning and take the 8:15 into the city (sorry for the “out-of-the-gate” 1970’s Bachman Turner Overdrive lyric…but I just could not help myself!), or you rise casually on your day off, you most likely follow an opening day ritual. You get out of bed, hit the bathroom, wake the kids, let the cat out, take the dog for a walk, and start the breakfast making process, and do whatever you need to do to “get going”…not necessarily in this order but I’d guess I’m probably correct with the first two at least.

Hopefully you are a cheery morning riser, but even when you’re not, when you are on your way to doing that thing you do, chances are you stop and hit that morning coffee shop. You enter the front door of said shop…and BAMMM! (Insert Holy God sounding Alleluia music here) Somehow, no matter what mood you are in, for a brief time, all becomes right with the world. Sure you can brew your coffee or tea at home and save the time and money and not have to stand in line…but you don’t. There’s something about a coffee shop that’s a kind of oasis in the dessert.

I’m sure some sociologist somewhere has done a study on why coffee shops and coffee houses are so special. But who cares! When it comes right down to it the reason why does not really matter to us. Coffee shops are just special. Perhaps it’s the aroma that hits you when you first walk in the door? Maybe it’s all the blend choices and plethora of baked goods that stimulates you even though you most likely get the same thing every day? Could it be the human and social interaction that happens at a coffee shop is the stimulation? We read those signs and Facebook posts from our friends that say, “Don’t Talk To Me Till I’ve Had My Coffee”, but let’s face it, business meetings and tons of other things happen at coffee houses too! Deals are cut, sales are closed, relationships started, books are written, gossip is shared, AND…in the cacophony of all of that, for many folks meditation and quite time is found too, all at the same time in a coffee shop. How unique is that?

For me, and I’m guess for you too, no matter what my state of mind, my mood changes when I know my next destination is my favorite coffee shop. And I don’t know about you, but when I find my oasis in the desert, I don’t ask why it works, I just enter.

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