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My Booskerdoo Fairhaven team of Baristas is getting ready for the day, each of us busily grinding beans, prepping bakery items, posting signs and samples, and of course…having our morning cups of “start your day” goodness. I enjoy watching as each team member choose their favorite Booskerdoo roast, each with their enthusiastic reason for their choice; include me in that list too please.

We all know there are hundreds of varieties of coffee choices in the world depending on one’s mood, taste, and budget.  Home coffee makers have become pretty good at honing in on that true-to-form coffee house taste.  Yet still, more and more coffee lovers are seeking the daily coffee experience that transports the drinker to another place and time.  Many of today’s coffee drinkers are seeking that “special something” in their daily coffee intake, which they have only ever experienced on that exotic vacation or in that one special place they found on a quarterly business trip.  This is exactly how I feel as I consume my morning cup of Bali Blue Moon Organic.

In my opinion, having a cup of fresh ground organic coffee in the morning is a meditative and transporting experience.  As I consume my cup of Bali this morning, I can taste and envision the rich soil and lush fields of Bali and the earthy riches only this region of Indonesia can offer.  These types of organic single roast beans come from the finest coffee-growing regions of the world.  And Booskerdoo has many delicious varieties of single origin coffee for the consumer looking to have that memorable experience again and again without the time and expense of exotic travel. The Booskerdoo line-up features organic beans grown from the following regions:

Africa --- The most popular beans are from Ethiopia, Tanzania , Rwanda and recently Burundi. These coffee beans are fruity and spicy and often high toned, bright and earthy. Ethiopia is where it all began.

Indonesia --- This country’s beans are best known for their thick body and low toned flavors. Indonesian coffee often works best medium and dark roasted. But even when we roast the beans light, most drinkers would guess the finished product is at least a medium roast. Yes…these beans have that much body.

South America --- This continent produces the most beans on the globe by far, yielding that classic coffee taste; a flavor everyone associates with a good cup of coffee - nutty and sweet or caramel and toffee when roasted medium. But keep in mind, South America creates coffees that can taste similar to African and Indonesian coffees. Therefore, because there is so much coffee grown in this portion of the world, you can find just about any roast of bean you desire here. The choices can literally be endless.

(FYI - Booskerdoo will be going into more details about regional single roast coffees in future blog posts)

From the fertile soils of Costa Rica, to the highlands of Ethiopia, to the lush growing fields of Mexico, South America, Indonesia, and beyond, our single origin coffee selection offers the distinctive taste of each region with superior freshness. And the best part of the story is….these offerings of exotic beans are available in so many coffee shops today.  Plus, with home brewing equipment so readily available and affordable, there is absolutely no reason to settle for a mediocre coffee experience. So no more waiting, find your local coffee shop or retailer (Booskerdoo perhaps?) who sells these types of coffee beans, be transported to another place, relax, and enjoy.

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