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Order by December 20th for Christmas Eve delivery

Order by December 20th for Christmas Eve delivery

Hi all!

Just writing to let you know you must place your order by Sunday, December 20th for us to have your coffee roasted and delivered by Christmas Eve.

And if you live on the western side of America, we suggest you place your order by December 16th just to be safe.

Happy Festivus!

Our 2015 Festivus Blend is here!

We're releasing our 2015 Festivus Blend during our Fuchsia Friday promotions. 

This year we're giving you a single origin Colombia Narino El Obraje that is so creamy you'll swear you put buttermilk in it. We're excited to drink it ourselves.

Order it here:

Find tinsel distracting? Annoyed by Black Friday stampedes? No need to worry, here's a Festivus miracle! It's the one and only Festivus coffee blend.

Oh, and if you're asking what Fuchsia Friday is, visit on November 20 to find out.  

Any Holiday You Want Blend... we're so excited!

Let it be known that Christmas blends sell like crazy... the coffee could taste like (___insert whatever you think is really really gross here___) water, and it will still sell.

The last thing we ever want to do is create something that has been done before a million times. Our rendition will be available next week (H. Sandy delayed this a little bit). Here is the artwork for the label: