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Brewing French Press Coffee

One of the most common methods for brewing excellent coffee at home is the French press. I went to a friend’s house for dinner the other night, and after dinner he made some coffee for my girlfriend and me in a French press and brewed it exactly right. I only ever drink drip coffee in our Booskerdoo shops, and I forgot about the differences you can taste in the same coffee, brewed differently. So, what's the proper way to brew coffee in a French press?

We start, of course, with your coffee of choice....

Home brewing tips n tricks Vol. 1

Brewing at home is nice... you don't have to leave the house, it's cost effective, and you can be naked... or clothed... it's your choice is all I'm trying to say here.


Often we get customers telling us that Booskerdoo Coffee is better in our cafe than at home. So here is vol. 1 of tips and tricks for brewing great coffee with what you have at home. Today's installment: WATER QUALITY.

1. Use filtered or bottled water
Coffee is 98% water, so the water you use better be good. If you don't drink your tap water,...