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A little history of the New Jersey DINER

 What is a New Jersey Diner? We ask this (rhetorically) as it pertains to our Jersey DINER-style blend (naturally).

New Jersey has by far more diners than any state in the USA. The term New Jersey Diner means different things to different people. Some serve alcohol  but they aren’t bars. All serve coffee to everyone who walks in, but they aren’t coffee shops. The menu items can be good in quality, but almost always low in price.

Every type of person can be found in a diner: a trauma surgeon coming off of a grueling shift; a pack of hard studying...

Wonderful write-up on our Jersey DINER-style blend

 Here's a wonderful, very Americana write-up on our Jersey DINER-style blend. This writer blends nostalgia and good taste... that's the whole kit & caboodle behind the Jersey DINER-style blend.

Read it here:

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Jersey DINER-style to suport Hurricane Sandy relief

 Hi everyone,

Just letting you know that we will be donating 10% of the online sale of all bags of our Jersey DINER-style blend will go to the Monmouth Beach Fire Department for their efforts as well as the damage they sustained during the storm.

Every little bit counts. Thank you all in advance!

James C.