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Our 2015 Festivus Blend is here!

We're releasing our 2015 Festivus Blend during our Fuchsia Friday promotions. 

This year we're giving you a single origin Colombia Narino El Obraje that is so creamy you'll swear you put buttermilk in it. We're excited to drink it ourselves.

Order it here:

Find tinsel distracting? Annoyed by Black Friday stampedes? No need to worry, here's a Festivus miracle! It's the one and only Festivus coffee blend.

Oh, and if you're asking what Fuchsia Friday is, visit on November 20 to find out.  

One way to give a little this holiday season

Every little bit counts. Until the end of the year, 10% of all the sales of our Jersey DINER-style blend will go to the Monmouth Beach Fire Department, in support of their efforts during Hurricane Sandy, as well as the damage they took from the storm.


Here is a nice little article about it

Happy holidays!


Any Holiday You Want Blend... we're so excited!

Let it be known that Christmas blends sell like crazy... the coffee could taste like (___insert whatever you think is really really gross here___) water, and it will still sell.

The last thing we ever want to do is create something that has been done before a million times. Our rendition will be available next week (H. Sandy delayed this a little bit). Here is the artwork for the label: