Mexico and Papua New Guinea - two new coffees to love

Part of being a roaster is to search for flavors your customers have not tasted. We have yet to have a coffee from either Mexico or Papua New Guinea... so here they are.

Mexico Chiapas Fair Trade Organic 
A fine example of the delights of Latin American coffee, this brew is nutty and sugar cane sweet with a touch of strawberry undertones. Think of this coffee as a more complex Colombian... like if you took it out for a drink, Mexico would talk episodes of The Wire, while Colombia would talk NCIS. Know what I mean?

Papua New Guinea West Highlands Kimel Estate
From the travel agent's common suggested paradise of Indonesia lays the island of Papua New Guinea (half an island to be exact). It's coffees are commended as being thick and bold. It doesn't have the street cred of Sumatra, but it should. Roasted light, this cup is nutty and sweet (like a classic S. American bean), but it's body is all Indo... creamy, buttery, smooth, or whatever you want to say... it's flavor and texture make a bold statement in the morning: "Drink me... I am really freakin' delicious!" 

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