So... what exactly is a micro coffee roaster?

What is a microroaster? 

….and why is the product better than a regular (or macro) roaster?  It isn’t, necessarily. A quality microroaster confers an “artisianal” or gourmet approach, meaning it pays attention to every detail. Our craft is based on this attitude and technique. This style is also found in a growing community of home-roasters

 Roast Magazine,  a bi-monthly technical trade magazine dedicated to the success and growth of the specialty coffee industry, declares its “Roaster of the Year” in the micro category, which is defined as roasting fewer than 100,000 pounds of coffee annually. 

 So, based on those metrics, Booskerdoo Coffee is firmly within the micro-roaster category. We DO roast-to-order and we ship the same day; we don’t store our product in warehouses… we don’t own one. Coffee is best the first week after it's roasted. Fresh coffee makes all the difference. Order coffee online here and tell us what you think!

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