Booskerdoo and Hurricane Sandy

We are fortunate to announce Booskerdoo Coffee survived Hurricane Sandy. Much of our home town, Monmouth Beach, flooded, with a lot of trees ripped out of the ground by the heavy winds. The destruction is widespread, but the inspiration from the hard working community aggressively rebuilding is boundless. 

We had a measly 4 inches of water in our store, which was only a gross mess to clean up. It was our pleasure to re-open quickly. We are still without power, but a generator is keeping our roaster toastin' the beans.

Our wonderful employees have given Booskerdoo as much attention as their own lives, which Amelia and I are forever grateful.

These tough times bring us closer together. For that we are appreciative. This is what I think about all the time these days.

Thanks for reading.

James Caverly
Owner & Roastmaster, Booskerdoo Fresh Roasted Coffee Co.

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