Team Booskerdoo profile: Brian "Muffin" Dellet

Name: Brian Dellet 

Trail name: Muffin

Favorite Muffin: N/A

Job: Teacher, Professional Stand Up Paddle/Surf/Rock Climbing Guide w/ Aloha Guides

Favorite Booskerdoo Coffee: Rwanda Fair Trade

[Left, Muffin in high exposure at the Gunks in New York. Right, Muffin flashin a smile.]

Booskerdoo is proud to welcome its newest Booskerdoo Outdoor Team member, Brain Dellet, a.k.a. Muffin, an outdoor adventure guide and owner of Aloha Guides. Muffin started rock climbing in 1992 when working for the Monmouth County Park System, "I was hooked immediately."  He has climbed and surfed all over the world and holds a long list of wilderness certifications. 

When he is not scaling a frozen waterfall or winning stand up paddleboard races, he’s pounding cups of fresh Rwanda from his age-old mug, getting people jazzed about the outdoors, and spending sleepless nights teaching his beautiful, newborn son, Ridge, how to execute the perfect belaying technique when scaling the furniture.

Visit for outdoor adventure trips all around the east coast (some of which meet at Booskerdoo's cafe before departure).

You can also find him teaching and setting routes at Garden State Rocks (a great indoor rock gym) in Morganville, NJ. Find out about how you can start climbing at

[Above: Muffin on the cover of Mountain Gear magazine.]

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