Team Booskerdoo Profile - Jake Weller

Jake Weller

Team Booskerdoo Member since Spring, 2012 
Profession/Passion: White water rafting guide, bike mechanic
Location: Huntington, PA
Favorite Worm: Gummy
Favorite Booskerdoo Coffee: Black & Tan

White water rafting guide, professional bike mechanic, and constantly on the move, Jake is an accomplished outdoorsman and good friend to Booskerdoo. Jake’s outdoor skills extend beyond the bike shop and white water, to rock faces and technical hiking trails. 

A purveyor of delicious coffee in the AM and bags of gummy worms in the PM, Jake is always on the move. Growing up on the coast of Maryland, he instantly took to the water, trees and dirt. A bit of a wild child, Jake spent most of his time in the forest, quickly realizing he was more of an outdoor cat than a feline of the indoor variety. 

If you find yourself with a broken derailleur, square wheel, sunken kayak/canoe, or simply with a lack of adventure in your life, Jake is the man to see. He can be found with permanently greasy hands at Rothrock Outfitters in Huntington, PA, where along with other like-minded individuals, is constantly wrenching, teaching and spreading good vibes. 

Jake’s other passions include sustainable architecture, not having a cell phone, narrowly avoiding city traffic on his bike, camping and backpacking, sailing and tying knots.

Most recent happenings (Summer, 2012): Jake’s recent adventures have taken him to the lovely town of Huntingdon, PA. A special place for many reasons, Huntingdon is home to Jake’s alma mater, Juniata College and some of the best trails and rapids in the east. After a year of concrete and subways, Jake finds himself back in the foothills of this truly beautiful place.

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