Pour Over Coffee Brewing…Simply The Best

I like to tell travel and coffee stories, but this time around I’m going to make this blog post short and sweet….

If you are a coffee drinker and you are looking for an amazing cup of coffee that you brew yourself on a daily basis, then you must try brewing your next cup of delight via the “Pour Over” method. Whether you are looking for a new and improved brewing method because your current technique is lacking, you are currently OK with what you are doing but love trying new things, or even if you are totally satisfied with your coffee just the way it is, try this and you will see, pour over coffee brewing, in my opinion, is simply the best. And here’s why.

    • You do not have to purchase any special blend of coffee to brew yours with the pour over method. Whether you drink Booskerdoo Fresh Roasted Coffee products or any other brand, the pour over method will greatly enhance your coffee drinking experience.
      • The pour over method of brewing is very cost effective (approximately $25-$35 to get started - click here for Home Brewing Coffee Equipment) and it seriously beats the majority of expensive name brand drip coffee makers on the market. (I’m not going to go into the reasons why here in this blog post, but if you would like more info on why then please read our Booskerdoo Roast Master, James Caverly’s blog post – “Why Does My Coffee Maker Make Weak Coffee?” – AND - Booskerdoo Head Barista, Mike Teti’s blog posts - “Why Water Matters

            • What makes the pour over method of brewing coffee different and really awesome is pre-wetting the coffee filter and ground coffee initially with the 200 degree water, causing the “bloom” effect.  This process releases your coffee ground’s flavors and water heat more evenly. Along with the subtle agitation motion and circular pouring of the boiling water afterward, your favorite ground’s flavor simply “POPS” and more of it goes into your cup and eventually into your mouth (unlike the steady stream of hot water that pours into the coffee filter in one direction and point during the average drip machine process and uneven heating coil distribution)!  Basically heat and water make all the difference, and even though the pour over method takes a couple minutes longer, the effect is amazing.

            So watch the video again and practice it a couple times. The pour over coffee brewing method is easy to learn. Seriously, after trying it one or two times you will be making coffee like one of the pros! I promise it will change your morning coffee drinking ritual and your weekend after-dinner parties. Soon you’ll be opening a coffee shop out of your garage ‘cause you won’t be able to keep your friends and neighbors away!

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