Barista Profile: Mitchell Warren

We caught up with Mitchell Warren, our resident Texan. Mitch is a Booskerdoo barista, delivery driver, and production assistant... his identity goes on and on and on.  Here's the conversation:

Mitchell Warren
Barista, production assistant, delivery driver (Mr. Almost Everything)
6 months +

Mitchey Mc Mitchellson

Why Coffee?

I started drinking coffee when I was 11 or 12 years old. I have always been interested in coffee and complex drinks. While living in Austin, TX, my girlfriend and I were bartenders at a place that was pretty serious about its mixology (along with some less serious places).  Since moving to New Jersey (about 6-months ago), it has been interesting to learn how to be a barista and learn that much more about coffee.

Best part of working at Booskerdoo?

I am definitely not a morning person, so opening the shop is not my favorite thing, but I like listening to a podcast while I do the morning (coffee and bakery) delivery. It’s a good way to wake up.

As a barista, I really love making the drinks. Focusing and getting in “the zone,” especially on a busy weekend morning. I love getting fully-absorbed and staying out of the weeds, getting good quality drinks out to the customers as quickly as I can. 

What else besides coffee?

I grew up in a small-town in Texas a couple hours outside of Houston. I have always been a musician, playing pretty much anything with a string (bass, guitar, banjo). I have been in bands since high-school, everything from cover bands, to garage rock, reggae to the blues. My tastes vary wildly and depend on my mood, that extends to choosing the music channel at Booskerdoo, too… It could be anything from a blues station to Disney.

Long-term goals…

I would like to have my own Vegan restaurant and bar (quite note from the interviewer: Mitch and his girlfriend met at Vegan Culinary School in Austin) with a good-quality espresso machine. As a musician, I know that I’ll always be in a band. I always want to make music and play out.

Favorite Booskerdoo drink and roast for himself and others?

My favorite drink is currently a Capetown Latte, it’s made with African Honey Bush tea and steamed milk--delicious. I like making a small latte for customers and getting to practice my latte art. I recently made a nice-looking rosetta in front of a customer—that was a good feeling.

I regularly send Booskerdoo coffee beans to my mother (back in Texas). Her current favorite is River City.

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