Cold Brew Blend (Booskerdoo's house cold brew)

Cold Brew Blend (Booskerdoo's house cold brew)

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Behold, the blend we use for our cold brew and malt cold brew at all the Booskerdoo cafes. This South America coffee blend is Chocolaty and refreshing with an everlasting finish... this brew is intellectually sound.

Want to make cold brew at home? Click here for an easy how-to that we like a lot. (Notice in this recipe you don't actually brew cold-brew cold... brew it room-temp for best results! That's how we do it. "Room-temp Brew" does not have the same ring to it... oh yeah, and strain with cheese cloth, not two coffee filters. Game on!)

NOTE: This brew does NOT work well when brewed hot. It's not bad, but not great... full disclosure ;)

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