Our COVID-19 Procedures for Safety... COVID-19 Sucks

Creature comforts are more important than ever these days. We just re-opened our cafes for contact-free outside pick up (click here for details), and our roastery is still pumpin’ out coffee for online orders, keeping us all sane during these troubling times. 

We are taking strict cautions to keep the COVID-19 virus from spreading. Here are the details:

-Roastery, bakery and all cafes are closed to public.

-Social distancing for our staff is a priority. For the roastery and bakery, each staff is kept isolated and they have enough room to social distance. Our Asbury Cafe is sealed off from production with a plastic wall, and they are using our neighbors space for a bathroom and dry storage.

-All cafes that are open are doing contact-free ordering with outside pick up only. All orders are picked up from a table outside with social distancing signage to remind us all of what we need to do.

-Any employee feeling sick will stay home with pay. 

-Masks are worn when food, products, or equipment is being handled, as well as when working in proximity to others.

-Employees are wearing and changing vinyl gloves regularly. 

-Space, equipment, and surfaces are sanitized throughout the workday and at the end of each workday.

-Current employees have healthy attitude during this outbreak… we are all taking it very seriously.

-If a breach in these practices occur, proper sanitation is conducted.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. You can email co-owner James Caverly at James@booskerdoo.com

Thank you very much. Stay safe and enjoy your coffee.



Team Boo


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